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Credit Services

Helping you lend more responsibly, fairly and quickly.

We help organisations lend responsibly and protect themselves and their customers from risk. From our 17 consumer and 11 business information bureaus, we provide millions of credit reports every day, enabling lending decisions to be made fairly, responsibly and quickly for people and businesses.

We collect data from thousands of sources in order to analyse the credit histories of people and businesses – sorting through information about the credit they applied for, whether or not their applications were successful, and how they repaid the credit. We turn this information into a credit report.

These credit reports are used by businesses such as banks, automotive dealers, healthcare providers and retailers to help calculate credit scores and make decisions about lending and the terms on which to lend. These organisations can quickly check whether a loan that a customer has asked for is suitable for them and whether they can afford to repay it.

This helps to ensure that customers are treated more fairly when applying for credit. It also widens access to credit across society, by providing an unbiased assessment of a customer. This means millions of people and businesses are closer to getting the loan they need, at a rate they can afford.

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Check customer credit, qualify leads, and mitigate risk with Consumer Reports from Experian.

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Make better decisions about your business, suppliers and customers.



We provide 24 x 7 access to our credit information reports to our members.

Why Experian?

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    Comprehensive consumer credit information

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    Operates 17 consumer credit bureaus and 11 commercial credit bureaus locally

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    Gain greater clarity on credit history

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