Fintech-led Digital Lending: Coming of Age

The role of fintech-led digital lending in reducing the credit gap

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With deep penetration into the unsecured small ticket size segment, digital lending will surpass traditional lending by 2030.

The Fintech segment has been instrumental in driving digital lending and strengthening the credit ecosystem in India. As one of the fastest-growing segments, fintech disruptions have revolutionised digital lending. Over the years, the role of fintech has become very critical in increasing credit coverage and thereby enhancing financial inclusion. The larger impact is in terms of addressing the credit gap, reducing geographical disparities in credit supply, and making India more credit inclusive.

Experian’s whitepaper takes a deep dive into how fintech-driven digital lending plays a vital role in closing the credit gap and delves into the transformative changes ushered in by the fintech segment in the way credit is delivered through digital innovations. It exemplifies how digital lending has been instrumental in providing a superior experience by reducing turnaround time for credit applications. Additionally, the research makes significant projections about digital financing through 2030.

Get this white paper to understand the key drivers and projections on India’s fintech-led digital lending:

Digital Lending: At Inflection Point
Democratising access to credit: Fintechs show the way
Fintech lending Outlook 2030

Experian whitepaper #1 – Fintech-led Digital Lending

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