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Commercial Bureau

Experian offers you access to the most comprehensive business database in India. Experian offers you access to the most comprehensive business database in India.

Credit checking is not just for banks and lenders. Unless you get paid upfront, you are providing your customers with credit. By not knowing who you are working with, you could miss vital information that will affect their ability to pay you. Single business credit reports gives you quick and simple access to online business reports and director information from Experian.

The files contain comprehensive information on banking, trade data, legal items, third-party collections and much more to help you make better risk decisions, protect you from bad debt losses and help establish the credibility of companies you want to do business with.

The commercial credit information report contains a commercial score, which helps in providing a 360-degree credit assessment by combining both individual and business borrowings together. Commercial score and account review can help the banks take informed credit decisions. The score aids banks in their underwriting process. It will help the commercial entities to leverage their score in getting better rates.

The commercial score with a range of 300-900, has been designed such that it provides a comprehensive view of commercial obligations of proprietors.  For partnership and limited liability companies it includes a risk rating from 1 to 10 on the entity, thereby providing a unique way to analyse business risks for SMEs vis- -vis medium to large companies.

Decoding the Commercial Credit Information Report

A comprehensive guide to unlocking valuable insights from Experian’s Commercial Credit Information Report.

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