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Commercial Reports

Make easier, quicker and more informed lending decisions

Experian offers you access to the most comprehensive business database in India.

Credit checking is not just for banks and lenders. Unless you get paid upfront, you are providing your customers with credit. By not knowing who you are working with, you could miss vital information that will affect their ability to pay you. Single business credit reports gives you quick and simple access to online business reports and director information from Experian.

Make safer decisions about who you work with.

  • Get full credit reports on any business.
  • See a detailed picture of your customers and suppliers. Stay safe by only offering credit that is right for you and them. Manage risk, improve cash flow.

Be smarter about how others see your business.

  • Improve your credit score to unlock opportunity.
  • Manage, monitor and improve the financial health of your business. Get easier access to finance. Secure better credit terms. Become more appealing to work with.

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All existing members with any data submission related queries can write to us on Dataacquisition.india@experian.com.

All queries regarding data correction can be shared on olmteam@experian.com.

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Commercial Bureau

Experian offers you access to the most comprehensive business database in India – on banking, trade data, legal items, third-party collections and much more to help you make better risk decisions.

Commercial reports

Commercial Scorecards

Experian have a wealth of data sources and experience in combining these to develop bespoke commercial scorecards that can help you, as a lender, achieve business requirements.

How Experian Can Help?

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    Operates 17 consumer credit bureaus and 11 commercial credit bureaus

  • Low credit score

    More granular risk view of the customer

  • Alert

    Credit limit recommendation in all reports


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