Microfinance Bureau

Empowering microfinance lending
for better credit access

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) face challenges in evaluating the creditworthiness of borrowers who lack a traditional credit history, particularly those with low income, self-employment, informal employment, and social marginalization that can lead to lending decisions that are not in the best interests of the borrowers or the MFIs. By leveraging accurate data, MFIs can improve lending decisions to make credit more accessible to borrowers who do not have a traditional credit history and reduce the risk of financial exclusion.

Experian’s MFI Bureau is an end-to-end repository system with a suite of products that help you to analyse the borrower’s Credit Information Report (CIR) and perform account review by monitoring existing portfolio to gain greater insights. With our RBI compliant MFI Bureau, you can now get a holistic view of individual or group credit profile and make informed credit underwriting decisions.

The data provided by Experian includes:

Demographics: Date of birth, gender, total monthly
family income, address, and ID information.

Individual and group account information:
Disbursed amount, current balance, repayment
history, loan purpose, and more.

Loan inquiries: Insights into borrowers’ recent loan

What are the advantages of Experian’s MFI Bureau?

Assess the creditworthiness of borrowers
Make informed lending decisions
Identify and tap potential markets
Track borrower success
Prevent fraud
Expand your business
Minimize dependence on unofficial credit data sources

What are the benefits?


Individuals and groups with
low income, self-employment,
informal work, and socially
marginalized get fair and easy
access to credit.


Experian helps MFIs reach more
borrowers thus reducing financial
exclusion for those without a
traditional credit history.

Experian’s MFI Product Portfolio offers the following:

Experian's Microfinance Credit Information Report
  • A comprehensive overview of loan repayment history
  • Streamlined credit underwriting processes and smart selection at the top of the funnel
  • Covers account types such as Joint Liability Group (JLG), JLG Individual, Individual, Self-Help Group (SHG), SHG Individual, SHG Group – Government, and SHG Intra-Group
  • Details of contact, address, loan purpose, and payment history
  • Details of recent credit inquiries
  • Seamlessly available via both API and WebPull
Experian’s MFI Account Review
  • Monitor existing portfolios to gain insights into how accounts are behaving alongside other credit lines
  • Locate businesses using name, address, and identification data
  • Identify consumer trends beyond account base, offering valuable insights
  • Access to information vital for reviewing accounts, increasing credit limits, identifying high-risk accounts, prioritizing collections, and seizing business opportunities
  • Highly customizable solution
  • Make the most of portfolio review and analysis, compliance adherence, and cross-selling opportunities

Decoding the Microfinance Credit Information Report

A comprehensive guide to unlocking valuable insights from Experian’s Microfinance Credit Information Report.

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