Experian India provides data, analytical and marketing services to enable organisations to make and execute better business decisions.

Experian is a global leader in harnessing information and using it to empower businesses and consumers. We are dedicated to helping people and organisations make sense of complex data, using our expertise in data and analytics we can provide you with insight into customer relationships to help you make informed business and marketing decisions.

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As a credit information company, licensed by the Reserve Bank of India our members (lenders) provide monthly updates of the credit performance of their customers to us. It's important for you to understand your credit report and to ensure it doesn’t contain any inaccuracies, but if there are any errors we will work with you to help to get these resolved quickly.

Member Services

As the first Credit Information Company to be licensed under CICRA 2005, we will help you predict and manage credit risk, and reduce exposure to bad debt and fraud. You benefit from our experience of operating 16 credit information companies around the globe managing credit information of more than 500mn consumers and 40mn businesses.

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Global Market Update The Analytics Issue

Experian Decision AnalyticsTM Global Market Update - The Analytics Issue is now available.

Learn how Analytics can be integrated at both a customer level and across the complete business life cycle.

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