Consumer Bureau Score V3

Enabling enhanced credit lending decisioning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

V3 is a new score that was created using recent data and captures the most recent market trends.

In general, the V3 score will be 50 points or so lower than the V2 score.

The input data that was used to calculate both the scores is the same. But to predict credit risk, V3 uses a finer segmentation based on customer behavior and heavily relies onmtrended variables.

We are updating the score to reflect current market trends and to comply with new regulatory requirements.

When it comes to predicting credit risk, V3 outperforms V2.

Changes have been made to the scoring method and the derived features.

There will be a Score Flag and PSV flag update in the request input in API. For details, Please feel free to email us on ‘‘ or reach out to your relationship manager at Experian India.

We won’t be able to use previous results after the migration.

It is intended to launch with a cut-off date. Clients will be obligated to accept the change by a specific date because it will improve the system and credit health.