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Credit Market and Portfolio Insight

Credit Market and Portfolio Insight

Understand latest trends in the consumer credit market and benchmark your portfolio to help improve overall performance. Increased competition coupled with economic and market changes make it difficult to understand whether the shifts you are seeing in your credit portfolios are a result of external factors or the impact of past strategies.

Identifying future changes to improve performance is crucial to developing sound and relevant strategies to support sustainable growth. Market and portfolio insight gives you the context and quantitative analysis to support decisions about changes in strategy and operational planning.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Comparing your business against the India market, market segments or specific competitive groups can help improve the performance of your own portfolio.

We benchmark your portfolio’s position to the rest of the India market or a group of your peers.

Key issues are identified and explored with experienced consultants, interpreting the drivers behind market trends and highlighting potential impacts.

Each portfolio is evaluated using a number of measures, from applications for credit and new business market share and lending terms, through customer management and collections to write-off and attrition.

How does it work?

We provide a service, whereby reports, analysis, forecasting and consultancy is customised to your specific requirements.

Economic and market activity provides a backdrop to the analysis in particular, forecasts of the drivers of household finances and credit trends.

By overlaying granular economic forecasts to predict the impact of past strategies our consultants work in partnership with you to uncover opportunities for changes in portfolio performance.

This enables the development of actions and strategies to meet your objectives whilst also identifying future economically vulnerable groups of customers.


Analyze the risk for geography associated at pincode level. Geo Profiling is a reporting service, which provides the subcribers with analysis of the consumer credit distribution across risk groups and products by pincodes based on 100% of the credit information available with the credit bureau.

Enables you to understand the region’s appetite for new business. Provides a guide to formulate your risk mitigation strategy for new business in the region. Enables you to compare the relative risk of doing business in the region across pincodes/geography.

How does Geo Profiling help you ?

By taking a collective view of all the parameters provided in Experian Geo Profile on a quarterly basis, you can make the following decisions:

  • Which products to focus on?
  • Which new markets to enter?
  • What risk mitigation strategies to adopt?
  • Which products to offer for new business, cross-sell and up-sell?
  • What offers to make to which client by integrating geo reports with credit bureau score?
  • What should be the credit policies for the regions?

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