Charting new horizons for fintech lending

Navigating the future of fintech lending

Navigating profitability and scalability

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Navigating the Future of Fintech Lending: Insights for Sustainable Growth

In the fast-paced world of finance, the ascent of the fintech industry is reshaping traditional lending practices. At Experian, we recognize the transformative power of this evolution and provide actionable insights to navigate the dynamic landscape of financial technology.

Our latest white paper, “Charting New Horizons for Fintech Lending: Navigating Profitability and Scalability,” delves into the forefront of the fintech revolution. Fueled by cutting-edge digital infrastructure, fintech has pioneered an era of unsecured lending, revolutionizing how financial services are accessed and delivered. Through innovations such as alternate data utilization, digital marketplaces, and embedded finance, fintech companies have crafted a seamless lending experience.

This study examines the portfolios crafted by fintech enterprises, meticulously evaluating their sustainability and scalability. By analyzing the experiences of fintech trailblazers, we pave the way for defining the optimal pathway to future fintech success.

Here are some key insights:

Loan Volume Dominance:

Fintech lenders lead with a commanding 77% market share in loan volumes.

Small-Ticket Supremacy:

Fintechs hold a significant 51% share of the market in loans below <1 lakh.

Customer Retention:

50% of customers opt for their subsequent personal loan with the same fintech within just 18 months.

Consumer Durable Loan Trends:

10% of customers apply for their next Consumer Durable Loan within the same 18-month timeframe.


Experian whitepaper #3 – Charting new horizons for fintech lending

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