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Bureau Analytics

Turn customer and market data into actionable insight to help shape your future business strategy

Really getting to know your customers. It’s the first step towards understanding their individual needs, behaviour and financial wellbeing.

We’ll help you get to know your customers, so you can give them exactly the help they need. With Experian’s credit risk data and models, you’ll know which products are right for them.

We use complex analytics to create intelligent data models and predictive scorecards. It enables us to match affordability, personal, credit, transaction and property data. Plus, our vast data sources are constantly evolving, because we’re always looking for innovative ways to give you better understanding of credit risk.

Why Experian

  • Trust – Solutions that underpin compliance for consumers and businesses with reliability, security and scale
  • Managed Service – Strategic and tactical expertise to support organisations to develop capabilities in this area
  • Analytics & Decisions – Leading analytical capabilities to build the models to support decisions through optimisation
  • More than 30 years of global experience – Providing a wide range of analytics solutions to hundreds of organisations
  • Cross-channel – Configurable API delivers decisions to the appropriate channels. Option for cross-device recognition
  • Flexible Platform – Providing real time decisions to support existing technology stack rather than a full CRM investment
  • Data-to-the-edge – Highly flexible and scalable event driven architecture to drive low latency/high concurrency decisions

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