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Oct 2023 | Experian in the News |
By Posted by CXO Today

India’s fintech sector has witnessed remarkable growth, driven by technological innovation and digitalization. Small-ticket unsecured lending, fuelled by digital infrastructure, has surged, prompting traditional lenders to embrace fintech methods, according to the latest white paper Building a Sustainable Fintech Portfolio: Experiences and Lessons for Future, by Experian India.

Commenting on the findings, Saikrishnan Srinivasan, Managing Director of Experian Credit Information Company of India said, “Our research delves into the transformative journey of fintech in lending, guided by evolving regulations such as the Digital Personal Data Protection Act and Digital Lending Guidelines. Harnessing India’s digital infrastructure, fintech’s are revolutionizing unsecured lending through technology-driven, customer-centric models. These technological advancements, along with the use of alternate data, digital marketplaces, and embedded finance, have enabled fintech’s to create a seamless lending experience.   Looking ahead, product diversification and collaboration with traditional lenders will drive growth, strengthening their position within the lending ecosystem and bolstering financial inclusion. As they reshape markets, our white paper meticulously analyses their growth and enduring impact, emphasizing their pivotal role.”