Advanced in performance, high on features.

  • Customer Authentication
    • Automated, electronic validation of customers
    • Online channels and offline channels
  • Fulfilment
    • KYC can be used for paperless sourcing
    • Soft approvals for online sourcing
  • Reduction in Turnaround Times
    • KYC, PAN checks results in faster processing
    • Automated validation can be used for FI waiver policy
  • Customer Experience
    • Low turnaround time is key differentiator
    • Low turnaround time is key differentiator
  • Identity Fraud
    • PAN number and name validation helps reduce fraud
    • Hunter helps flag off cases requiring investigation

Be sure with automated identity verification tool - Prove ID Link from Experian.

Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing form of fraud and the need for identity verification stems from this. We understand your need to offer financial services to your customers with confidence and securing the banking services against misuse is the only way out. Hence, Experian brings to you Prove ID Link - an Automated Electronic Identity and Address Verification Service.

Prove ID Link is a flexible and customised online customer verification platform that saves time, cost and is a possible substitute to field verification process. It provides connectivity to extensive databases that include Experian Bureau, PAN Database, UID Aadhaar Card and National Hunter, facilitating multiple ways to verify customers automatically.

prove id

Optimise the power of Prove ID Link, reduce dependency on physical verification and be fully compliant with regulatory guidelines on KYC.