First, smart plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services

Future-proof fraud management

Ever-evolving fraud schemes, changes in regulatory requirements, and new digital initiatives are just a few of the drivers behind a relentless pace of change. As a result, systems have become increasingly complex, expensive and difficult to integrate and manage. This complexity challenges an organisations ability to quickly scale and flex in response to new risks and causes too much friction for customers.

Experian CrossCore is a best-in-class approach to managing risk and fraud with services that work in any combination – Experian solutions, your internal applications, even third-party solutions – so you can catch fraud faster, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience.

Who's it for?
Organisations looking for a faster, easier way to get more out of existing fraud and identity systems and to more effectively deploy new products, which will improve the customer experience whilst minimising risk. CrossCore puts more control in the hands of your fraud team to adapt and deploy strategies that keep up with the pace of fraud while reducing burdens on IT and data science teams.

The game changer – One sign-on. One platform.

CrossCore makes it easier to connect to multiple systems through a flexible API. The powerful workflow and strategy design capabilities mean you can quickly and easily respond to new threats and gain the confidence you need at a transaction level. Built on a modern SaaS architecture, CrossCore empowers you to start, connect and act quickly, speeding your time to market, increasing operational efficiency and driving topline growth.

Key features
  • Manage the entire fraud and identity portfolio
  • Define the level of confidence required — at a transaction level
  • Optimise decisions across services
  • Take back control — move at the speed of fraud

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