Experian Contact Data Management Overview

Data Quality Overview

Solutions and services to optimise your organisation's contact data quality.

Experian Address Verification

Address Verification

A powerful, interactive address verification tool which integrates quickly and easily with your database program or website.

Experian Segmentation and Enhancement

Segmentation and Enhancement

Profile, segment, map and model your contact data for targeted customer engagement.

Experian Data Quality

Experian Data Quality provides software and services solutions to ensure your business protects its sender reputation and communicates with the right individuals who can take the intended call to action. You can use it to collect accurate email information in real time at the point of contact with customers (POS, Call Centre, Website) through our API for online email validation; clean email lists for one off validation projects and campaign mail outs using our file transfer batch processing service and automate regular cleaning of email information through our automated express processing service.

Data Quality
Address Management and Data Integrity Solutions
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