Better manage the risk and reward of your export/import lending

Experian Business Information Reports enable credit insurance agencies, exporters, importers, banks and other organisations involved in cross-border business across the globe to understand more about their trade partners, for example, their financial stability and credit worthiness.

As the global leader in information services, Experian is in a unique position to provide accurate and comprehensive business information reports providing incorporation details, line of business, financial statements, adverse data (court rulings, winding up petitions), credit history, payment performance and management history. Our reports provide predictive credit scores and recommend credit limits for businesses.

Our tie-ups with various third party agencies and government bodies; access to credit data sources beyond the publicly available resources including credit information from 19 consumer credit bureaus and 14 commercial credit bureaus managed by Experian across the globe, ensures that you get accurate and unbiased information. Our data is refreshed on a daily basis. This ensures that you get not only accurate but the most updated information to support your lending decisions.

Why Experian Business Information Reports:

  • A standardized 0-100 scale in all reports which provides a much more granular risk view of the customer
  • Credit limit recommendation in all reports
  • Operates 19 consumer credit bureaus and 14 commercial credit bureaus
  • Rather than self reported figures from companies, gives greater emphasis on 3rd party, validated data from Credit Bureaus (Commercial and Consumer); Collection Agencies; Government Registries; Court Judgments etc.
  • Combines commercial risk with key-man credit risk (Promoter / Director / Guarantor) which is important while assessing the riskiness of SMEs importers

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Experian Business Information Reports

To order a business information report

  • on any company
  • in any country
  • from any industry

which arms you with more information than any other report by providing

  • a more granular scale to assess risk
  • and also gives a recommended credit limit

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