Enhancing Collections and Customer Rehabilitation & Retention

With ever increasing customer acquisition costs, consumer demands, debt burdens, and the need for effective customer retention, Experian offers to take your focus and anxiety off issues regarding debt recovery and put it back into the core business processes.

Delinquent customers can significantly impact profitability, as a result of increased provisioning, bad debt write-off and the increasing costs of collections activity. Experian’s collections and recoveries proposition is based on the need to automate and streamline the collections process to minimise risk and maximise profitability. Experian's unique end-to-end collections and recoveries solution enables effective debt recovery by correctly identifying the debtors, establishing communication with them and then planning a recovery with a case-based strategy.

Portfolio Management Package and Tallyman™, Experian's powerful collections and recoveries products, can help you develop more focused collection strategies by profitably locating, segmenting and prioritizing debtor accounts. These tools strike the right balance between managing risk and bad debt with the need for customer rehabilitation resulting in increased profitability.

These solutions provide you with a holistic view of a customer’s debt profile, which in turn enables early identification of high-risk customers and the appropriate deployment of dynamic, relevant collections activities to tackle them.


Understanding a customer’s debt profile accurately is at the heart of a sound collections and recoveries strategy. Experian’s Portfolio Management Package is a unique collections and recoveries solution, which tailors its strategy using in-depth information and dramatically improved segmentation of customer financial profiles.

TALLYMAN™: Maximizing Collections and Recoveries

Tallyman™ is Experian’s best-in-class software system that streamlines the collections process, reduces bad debt write-offs, improves cash flow, reduces provisioning and cures more customers. It plays a key role in improving customer relationships and facilitating future cross-sell opportunities.

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