Data and Tools to Manage Your Customers

In today’s highly competitive landscape, spiralling customer acquisition costs and demanding consumers make it imperative for financial service providers to actively engage and retain their portfolio of customers. The key to successful customer management, however, lies in finding that fine balance between customer needs and business objectives. 

At Experian, we deliver insights that enable organisations to appreciate customer needs and consistently devise strategies that build lasting and profitable customer relationships. With our expertise, we equip financial service providers to leverage every customer touchpoint and turn it into an opportunity to be more relevant. 

Experian’s solutions sit at the heart of customer service operations and at every stage of the customer lifecycle, providing centralised and automated decision-making to deploy customer-focused management across the organisation, increasing customer value and revenue, while reducing costs, losses and attrition.

Experian Customer Management solutions enable:

Accurate customer exposure- and limit-management

Effective credit renewal management

Relevant cross-sells of credit products

Customized pricing for risk

Pre-delinquency collection management

Basel II compliance

Customer Management for Retail Banking: Maximizing Customer Profitability

Experian’s proposition for customer management in retail banking offers cutting-edge, automated, customer-level management, data management, predictive analytics and expert consulting to effectively service your complex matrix of customers. What’s more, we bring you a 360-degree view of customers and their relationships with you.

Probe™ for Retail Banking: Leveraging CASA Customer Touchpoints

Customers, today, demand prompt and accurate responses that are tailored to their needs. Probe™ enables organisations to drive strategy effectively at every customer touchpoint. Operating at account and customer level, it deploys immediate, consistent, integrated and appropriate customer management.

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Experian’s core expertise lies in data and analysis, which enables our customers to get unique insights which lead to making informed decisions for profitable growth. We work closely with Decision Analytics clients in more than 60 countries across diverse industries, including financial services, telecommunications, retail, leasing, automotive, insurance, government agencies and utilities, enabling them to make billions of customer-focused decisions annually. 

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