Increase Revenue Through Customer Acquisition

At Experian, we understand how important it is for financial service providers to balance speed of response and risk management when it comes to customer acquisition strategies, policies, processes and systems. In an age of extreme competition, increasingly demanding customers and a 24-hour Internet culture, organisations often struggle to find that elusive equilibrium between efficient customer service levels, portfolio expansion, accurate risk assessment and the right offering.

With Experian’s range of solutions, enterprises can now leverage accurate information to build, nurture and maximise lasting customer relationships, and create bespoke offerings that meet customer needs and the organisation’s objectives. These enable flexible and streamlined application processing and decision-making, which balance customer focus with business profitability. 

Our solutions, Transact™, Connect+™ and Hunter™, empower you to manage the application-to-customer life cycle, connect to all relevant internal and external data sources, including multiple credit bureaus for appropriate credit risk evaluation, and prevent application frauds.

TRANSACT™ SM: Originations Strategies that Work

One of the keys to superior customer acquisition strategies lies in being able to evaluate a prospect’s potential and making the right offering. Transact SM gives you the ability to accurately assess and make a decision on an applicant and identify the optimal offering to suit both the applicant’s needs and business objectives.

CONNECT+™: Leveraging the Multi-Bureau Environment

Around the world, lenders use multiple external data sources to enhance the credit risk assessment of an individual or company. But with differing data types, formats and quality, evaluating these uniformly across an enterprise can be challenging. Connect+™ is an industry standard gateway that helps connect a bank’s internal systems with multiple credit bureaus and other information sources to provide actionable intelligence.

HOSTED HUNTER™: Application Fraud Prevention

Application fraud can substantially impact profitability, increasing costs, bad debt and write-offs. To enable superior customer acquisition, it is critical to identify fraudulent applications early in the originations process. Hosted Hunter, our application fraud detection and prevention service, combines a rule-based business engine and intuitive investigative tools to help users to go beyond conventional scoring and underwriting techniques on a pay-as-you-use basis.

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Experian’s core expertise lies in data and analysis, which enables our customers to get unique insights which lead to making informed decisions for profitable growth. We work closely with Decision Analytics clients in more than 60 countries across diverse industries, including financial services, telecommunications, retail, leasing, automotive, insurance, government agencies and utilities, enabling them to make billions of customer-focused decisions annually.

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