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We provide a full suite of marketing data technologies and analytics that include:

  • Email marketing
  • Consumer and competitive insight
  • Analytical consulting

Enhancing the ROI of Email Marketing

Regardless of your company's objectives, there are many reasons to use email as a primary marketing channel. A key point to consider is that email marketing is the most cost-effective and quantifiable way to market your company's products and services, allowing you to send personalised, precisely-targeted messages than other mediums. This was also reflected in our recent survey on “Online and Email Marketing In India” with marketing professionals from top Indian companies. When used correctly and effectively, permission-based email marketing can also become your number one customer acquisition and retention tool. 

From retail to healthcare and finance, CheetahMail™ was built to manage the evolving needs of today’s leading marketers from all industries. Whether it’s advanced reporting, dynamic content, transactional messaging, customer analysis, enhanced deliverability, QA procedures and workflow management – CheetahMail™ has the technology supported by Experian’s expertise to garner the highest level of ROI and customer loyalty for its clients. Little wonder that it’s the world’s largest permission-based email service. 

Today's customers expect more from the brands they know and love. CheetahMail™ helps marketers of all industries send relevant communications, reducing list attrition and building more lasting and profitable customer relationships. 

Enhance your sales and marketing RoI with CheetahMail Services for Flash Sales

Flash Sales are all the rage in marketing right now. The number of daily deal companies continues to increase. Flash Sales are more than timely offers. They are tools of engagement that capture the consumer’s desire for a bargain and close, ongoing interaction with a brand.Email is a key traffic driver for advertising Flash Sales. On average, traffic from email represents 18 percent of the referrals to Flash Sales Websites — higher than social (13 percent) and search (11 percent).To uncover the trends and optimal strategies that email marketers need to know about Flash Sales,Experian CheetahMail’s Strategic Services team analyzed the performance of Flash Sales compared to bulk promotional campaigns from January 2010 through February 2011. For the purposes of this study, Flash Sales were defined as sales lasting less than 24 hours..


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